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I am an actress, but lately my designs have been getting more attention than my headshots. I have always been creative, but after I turned 18 and moved to New York, I started to take it seriously. I started by cutting up my shirts, bedazzling the hell out of them, then I learned to sew. Then I learned to knit.

I am a 4th generation sewer, so I have a lot of vintage materials to work with. I use my sewing machine and knitting needles as my creative outlet.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Coley Studios

Taking the ordinary and making it unexpected! I work with reclaimed, found and recycled materials. I am inspired by the beautiful and the macabre. I hope to show this juxtaposition in my designs. I have a passion for many kinds of art and design, so my shop might seem a little all over the place. But I love every item in it, and I hope you will too.